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About the Author, Susan Simon, MA, MED

Susan Simon has been an educator for thirty years, serving public and charter schools as a teacher, educational leader, curriculum director, communication coach and mentor. She has led both small and large organizations through successful change toward becoming excellent educational institutions. Leadership, communication and community building are key areas in which Susan has been successful in bringing about personal and organizational change.

She has dedicated her life to working with people to help them identify and realize their highest potential. What makes Susan unique is her ability to connect deeply with others and help them recognize their life’s purpose. Clients say that Susan is an extraordinary listener who assists them with her clarity and compassion.


Susan has Masters Degrees in Special Education and Educational Administration. She has facilitated curriculum work, staff development and leadership training, assisting individuals in becoming more effective personally and professionally. Susan is passionate about working with people to bring about meaningful change in their lives, helping them to bring their vision into reality.

Susan is a heart-centered, empathic and visionary leader. Her work with educators, parents and community members is centered in integrity, trustworthiness, insight and intuition. She creates and facilitates highly interactive, motivational and inspirational seminars. Participants report feeling renewed and inspired after attending one of Susan’s workshops.

Building a Schoolhouse is Susan’s first book. She wrote the book to inspire educators to renew their passion to teach and lead. Teachers and principals will discover that this book resonates with their experiences in classrooms and schools. It validates their efforts to successfully reach every child. Susan shares strategies and action steps to help educators discover more effective ways to do their jobs. Building a Schoolhouse will motivate and inspire you to dare to be remarkable.


“Thank you for helping me honor my journey. Thank you for tools I can use to become more effective in my life.” ER

“Your insights about people enhance your seminars. You present such personal topics in a “safe” way. You open the window for others to see the view and you open the door for our footsteps to begin the journey. Thank you.” EV

“Susan’s skill areas in coaching cross all thresholds. She is insightful and probing without being pushy. It’s a gift to want to wake up each day to my job and owe much of that enthusiasm to Susan’s expertise in reawakening my passion.” NM


Building a Schoolhouse

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