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Building a School-
house: Home

Building a Schoolhouse…
Laying the Foundation for Success: Vol.1

By Susan Simon, MA, MED

Chapter Summaries:


Ch. 1 Trust

Trust is essential for meaningful learning to occur. It creates a safe environment in which principals, teachers and students open up to interactions with self, others and with the subject matter in order to lead or teach or learn. Schools where trust exists are centers of possibility and growth because students and teachers are willing to take risks in their learning and teaching, thus exposing their vulnerabilities, which leads to true learning.

Ch. 2 Leadership

Leadership is both an inherent talent and an acquired skill. Successful leaders share an unwavering understanding and respect for people and human interactions. Shared leadership that is developed, nurtured, encouraged and rewarded is a powerful force in creating collaborative school communities where everyone has a part to play in successfully achieving the goals of the school.

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Ch. 3 Empowerment

Empowerment creates individual and system-wide accomplishment. It leads students and teachers to feel personally powerful, secure in self, confident in their abilities and embraced through their relationships. Each student and teacher must experience success to feel empowered. Empowering every member of the school community is a win-win situation. Confidence feeds success and success restores confidence.

Ch. 4 Environment

Environment shapes experiences. The classroom and school-wide environments, in which students spend their days, significantly impact their success or failure in the academic and social areas. School environment contains a physical, an emotional, a relational and an academic focus. Each area is equally important in creating the backdrop for students to reach academic success and meet personal goals.

Ch. 5 Optimism

Optimism creates hope and positive belief. It’s an approach toward living that assists people in choosing the actions they take in order to accomplish their goals. Optimists are our leaders, our role models and our most effective teachers because they see the inherent good and the hidden giftedness of their students. Optimism creates success and belief in self and one’s purpose.

Ch. 6 Accountability

Accountability is measured in more than test scores. Accountability requires a clear understanding of the learning and teaching processes. It demands that teachers and principals be exceptional educators every minute they’re on the job. The expectations are high and the outcomes life changing. Students must also assume personal responsibility for their efforts and outcomes under the guidance of their teachers and parents.

Ch. 7 Ritual, Tradition, Ceremony

Ritual, tradition and ceremony together define the heart of a school. These school-wide activities and events help to form the organization’s identity, allowing it to expand and flourish. Ritual, tradition and ceremony present opportunities for community building that strengthen the educational environment and promote successful learning and student and teacher recognition.



Building a Schoolhouse

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